About Venue



Gandhi Medical College (GMC) is among the oldest and most prestigious medical colleges in Madhya Pradesh and in India, at Fatehgarh, Royal Market Area, Bhopal. The main College building, hospital building and hostels are situated by the side of famous Upper Lake of Bhopal, creates a unique and peaceful atmosphere for academic and clinical work, with the most modern facilities. In its long journey of 66 years the College has achieved many break through but one, the decision of the Govt. of M.P. to give Autonomy to Medical Colleges in 1997 enabling the college to set its own path.

GMC is in the Fatehgarh area on Sultania Road in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The college stands tall on the ground where once Fatehgarh Fort stood. It is adjacent to VIP Road, which is a major tourist attraction due to the beauty and serenity of the Upper Lake. Many scenes from Bollywood movies like Rajneeti and Arakshan have been shot here. In front of the campus is one of the largest mosques in Asia, the Tajul Masjid with its Motia Talab.